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Certified infrared heating systems for the preventive maintenance and safety of electromechanical equipment and installations


Thermography is the most reliable method for real-time monitoring of our equipment, with the aim of:

Improving security for our staff and facility

Respect and conservation of energy resources

Reduce operating costs at installation

Profitability from early diagnosis of problems

Development and improvement of  the quality of facilities

The impressive technology of infrared heating was originally developed for military applications as it was the only activity that could meet the cost of developing and using it. Subsequently, the rapid development in the field of electronics technology has brought about a significant reduction in the cost of building infrared heating systems, thereby enabling their applications to be expanded to industry as well.

Infrared Thermal Buildings

Losses of energy due to insulation failure are recorded in the thousands of euros each year. Leaks, moisture, heat loss are just some of the common problems we face on a daily basis. Thermography is the fastest and most reliable method of dealing with these problems. In America, the inspection of installations by the method of heating has for many decades been the only solution to the problems of insulation and leakage.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Applications

  • Detection of leaks and moisture in ceilings and buildings
  • Insulation of insulation and thermal insulation in buildings and installations
  • Loss control in thermal insulation of industrial cooling plants

  • Thermal facades performance control


Infrared Thermal Electrical Systems

Problems that occur in electrical systems are mainly due to:

  • Loose cable connections
  • Overload of electric lines
  • Material – equipment failure
  • Presence of moisture and / or dust in the electrical installation

They lead to high temperature, which is associated with high resistance of conductors and connections or overloading of lines, as well as poor ventilation of equipment.

An integrated system of temperature controls allows us to control and monitor the invisible ” thermal trace ”, preventing damage to our equipment and failure of our installation.

Protecting human resources from accidents and our business from financial consequences.

  • Inspection and measurement of electrical panels and installations for fire prevention
  • Detection of electrical irregularities and overloads of power lines
  • Detection of loose or corroded electrical connections. Monitoring and
  • Control of medium voltage transformers


Infrared Thermal Engineering Systems

The implementation of regular preventive heat inspections enables the safe and proper operation of mechanical equipment in industrial and craft installations.

This is how we create the “thermal plan” (map) of the plant’s mechanical equipment through the process of scheduled temperature checks to optimize energy performance and forecast problems.

  • Operation control of engines, motors, pumps (bearings control, reducers etc)
  • Control of drive systems in industrial applications
  • Checking tanks and pressure vessels
  • Control of steam installations and systems