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The Evacuation Plan is a key point of the occupational risk prevention; it strengthens the Emergency Plan and procedures procedures of the facility.

The Evacuation Plan is informative for both employees and visitors of a building or facility and is required to be posted in appropriate locations.

The Emergency Exits, Escape Routes, fire-fighting devices (fire extinguishers, fire hoses), the alarm buttons where available, the First- Aid rooms, the Assembly points, etc. are captured in the Escape and Rescue Plan.


The Law

According to Law “Ratification of the Code of Health and Safety Law for Workers”, Article 30, the employer is obliged to draw an Escape and Rescue Plan, where required by the location, area and type of the facility. The Escape and Rescue Plan must be posted at appropriate locations in the work site.


Drafting an Escape and Rescue plan by HSWConsulting

HSWConsulting adapts to all the respective design requirements as they are set out in ISO 23601, which is the most adequate under the Fire Brigade Notice 15/2014. The experienced HSWConsulting staff develop the Evacuation Plans, considering the specificities of the facility according to the escape routes, the emergency exits and the Assemby point.