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Appropriate Health and Safety training is vital towards avoiding work accidents and chronic illnesses. The reason is that in addition to providing information on good working practices, it urges workers to adopt safe working behaviors.

On-site Training in a company is the first step in developing a common understanding within the enterprise, aiming at the same result for everyone, that is, the successful health and safety management in employees’ protection. In-house training tailored to the specific needs of each business based on its particular activity, offers all the cognitive abilities to the employees in order they will respond appropriately to any circumstances as required, and for they spontaneously implement the appropriate procedure as they were taught.


What is included in the on-site Occupational Health and Safety Trainings?

The experienced and certified GEP trainers using modern participatory teaching methods can help each firm to identify the exact needs for the training of its staff on vital issues, such as:

  • Fire safety
  • First-Aid
  • Safety at the Workplace
  • Safety and health labeling
  • Working with visual displays
  • Manual handling of cargo
  • Traffic of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Safety of equipment
  • Electricity dangers
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Work at height
  • Use of chemicals
  • Working outdoor / in open space
  • Work in confined / restricted space
  • Driving vehicles
  • Use of machinery


The Law

Employees’ and employers’ training in Occupational Safety matters, apart from a basic obligation to the employers is an important and necessary step for every business to establish the necessary Safety Culture to its people.

Pursuant to Law 3850/2010  Ratification  of the Codification of Laws for the Health and safety of the Workers” Article 48, the employer is obliged to provide each worker with adequate and adequate training in the field of safety and health.


Safety in office work

Office work is considered by most people to be a safe job. However, it is a fact that it involves a significant number of risks, indicatively as is the musculoskeletal stress of employees because of the wrong use of equipment, which contribute to increased absenteeism with significant effects on productivity and profitability of the enterprize.

The on-site and targeted seminars of GEP include the analysis of the following, inter alia:

  • the factors affecting the working conditions
  • safety when using computers
  • the musculoskeletal stress of the workers and methods of protection
  • the appropriate ways for manual Load Handling
  • the electrical hazards in office spaces
  • the safety marking
  • the cleaning operations’ safety
  • the importance of safety behavior at the workplace


Special seminars on Fire Safety and Workplace Evacuation

They take place for employees of all sectors of industry, by highly experienced associates of HSWConsulting and in-service Fire Brigade officials and include relevant case studies and end-of-term evaluation tests.

The aim of the training is for the workers to learn, what are the usual causes of a fire and how this can be avoided in a workplace, how they must react once a fire has burst in the workplace, which are the means and how should they be used and which is the correct way to evacuate a building in the event of a fire.

* The Occupational Safety Training Courses provided by HSWConsulting come under the LAEK  programs.

The provision of the training services is complemented by the Certificates of Training as the necessary proof, and for the possession of the respective training records by each company. The existence of the Certificates of Training is an important element to be checked by the Labor Inspectorate, whist they are a prerequisite for the Quality Assurance Systems applied by the organizations.