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The Occupational Safety Officer is the person appointed by the employer for advising and consulting in writing and orally, on matters relating to the health and safety of employees and the prevention of work-related accidents in his/her premises.

The Occupational Safety Officer has the relevant on-site experience and expertise to meet the specific requirements of the contruction.


Which are the advantages offered by HSWConsulting in the Occupational Safety Officer Service?

HSWC is the leader provider of health and safety services in Greece; it possesses nationwide the largest network of professionals with the outmost expertise, to offer important advantages to its clients:

  • Continuous up-dating, training and guidance of its Occupational Safety Officers.
  • Constant support by a central specialized consulting department of the company for any issue that may arise.
  • Customized services (e.g. adapted checklists) to suit client’s specific needs.
  • Provision of summarized information by sending control reports for each facility.
  • Network of nationwide coverage.
  • Application of the most innovative practices and methods for Work Safety, alongside the international trends.
  • Use of front-line technology for data collection and data processing (big data analysis), and mainly the provision of direct and accurate information to our clients and their support wherever they are located.