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Vaccines is the most powerful weapon in the health-care for the prevention of diseases due to biological factors such as the hepatitis B virus, the tetanus toxin bacteria or the influenza virus.

Depending on the nature of the work, the following vaccinations are usually performed:

  • Countertanoic, to those at risk of injury when working outdoors, as builders, farmers,
  • Combating Hepatitis B for healthcare professionals, research laboratories personnel, workers in cleaning services and waste collection and treatment,
  • Combating Hepatitis, A for healthcare professionals, workers in cleaning services and waste collection and treatment, plumbers, foodstuff workers (as a public health measure), staff of institutions and day care nurseries,
  • Antigripal for healthcare professionals, teachers and individuals with personal burdened medical history and respiratory problems.


When the vaccination of workers is necessary?

Most vaccines are recommended at an early age; however, for some workers who have neglected the initial, repetitive or booster doses of their vaccines and at the same time their work involves exposure to health hazards, their vaccinations would be delivered for the protection their health.

Moreover, employees who frequently travel for business and visit areas with poor health conditions and countries with tropical diseases, do need apt medical advice. This includes the planning and implementation of a vaccination program, and possibly receiving of prophylactic treatment, as is the case of malaria.


The Law

The risk of exposure of workers to biological agents is demonstrated in the written Occupational Risk Assessment and implies, inter alia, an obligation on the employer to provide workers with the possibility of vaccination, as provided for in the  PD.186/1995.

This vaccination must be implemented in compliance with specific protocols, such as the booster vaccination, or the repetitive dose schedule according to time intervals.


Vaccination Programs by HSWConsulting

The type of vaccinations considered necessary is determined by the special health counselors of HSWConsulting aiming at the absolute protection of workers’ health.

The health professionals of HSWConsulting can implement vaccination programs either at the workplace or the medical center of HSWConsulting, according to respective lists, issuing also the relevant personal certificate of vaccination.

HSWConsulting can implement any vaccination program aside of its other services offered.